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    Kindergarten Series (Intermediate)

    • BrandThinkertoyland
    • CodeY102
    • Parts1300
    • Box Size655*440*390
    • MaterialABS|PP|EVA
    • StandardCCC|CE|EN71|ISO9001|ASTM
    • G. W.(kg)15
    • Package1
    • OriginNingbo, China|Lishui, China
    • MSRP$600.00
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    2. Education Idea

    BeiMa Educaiton Enterprise Content Manager System | Beima Educaiton

    BeiMa Educaiton Enterprise Content Manager System | Beima Educaiton

    New Toys Sets

    Thinkertoyland can have a role in the classroom as a creative teaching and learning tool. With the educator’s guidance, playing with Thinkertoyland can become a learning experience for the child. This seamless matching of play and learn fulfills the definition of the term ‘purposeful play’ perfectly.

    Thinkertoyland offers many advantages over the more widely-used bricks-based construction system.

    Thinkertoyland advantage is in its simplicity yet versatility. No one component in this construction system is made specifically to only perform one specific part, role or function. Instead, the components are open-ended and can be connected in different combinations to achieve the intended form and function.

    ‘Building your dream’ with Thinkertoyland always revolves around the 5 basic concepts of Point (Dot), Line, Plane, Wheels & Axles and Gears.

    Thinkertoyland utilizes five basic concepts which very aptly being illustrated by the beautiful lyrics written by a very talented artist from Singapore, Mr Sun Yu-li. His lyrics was for a tune from an old Russian children’s song. Below is an excerpt of the lyrics:

    Give me a dot, I can draw a line.
    With this line, I can draw a plane.
    Dot, line and the plane.
    I can map a dream.
    Dreams come true, I revolve the world.

    BeiMa Educaiton Enterprise Content Manager System | Beima Educaiton
    BeiMa Educaiton Enterprise Content Manager System | Beima Educaiton
    BeiMa Educaiton Enterprise Content Manager System | Beima Educaiton
    Educational Theory
    BeiMa Educaiton Enterprise Content Manager System | Beima Educaiton
    BeiMa Educaiton Enterprise Content Manager System | Beima Educaiton
    BeiMa Educaiton Enterprise Content Manager System | Beima Educaiton

    Children's paiting process

    Natural development of children's paiting process

    Pay attention to the integrity of children study and development

    Five directions guidance. 

    Exert respect children's individual characteristic understand the way and features children learn highlight children's learnig quality

    Children's clay sculpture

    Children's natural development process of clay sculpture

    Pay attention to the integrity of children study and development

    A letter  to clients

    Dear Everyone,

    It’s my great honor to share something about how Thinkertoy benefits child development.

    As you know the main educational concepts nowadays are:
    Montessori, Multiple intelligence, Reggio Emilia Approach, Waldorf, EYFS.

    Let’s see the Montessori first, 
    A. Daily life education: Coordinating body movements, cultivating patience and concentration and so on.
    Thinkertoy is a construction system of building blocks, as a teaching tool it contribute to child above developing skills obviously.
    B. Sense education: Vision, touch, hearing, taste, smell etc., train acute sense, take exercise of discrimination and hand eye coordination, develop ability of observation, comparison and judgment.
    Thinkertoy is a creative construction system that consists of elements that facilitate creativity. From simple to complex structures, 2D to 3D models, static to dynamic objects. Children are able translate their ideas into real form and express their ideas and innovation.
    C. Mathematical education: have a concept of mathematics, understand character, cultivate logic thinking and so on.
    Thinkertoy as blocks become tools that invite mathematical thinking. Patterns, geometric shapes, part-whole relationships, fractions, adding, dividing and subtracting are all experienced and practiced naturally in the process of building.
    D. Language education: listening, speaking, reading. 
    Thinkertoy is a building system. When the children talk about what they build, explain how their model works, share information, discuss or make a presentation, these flourish their language development.
    E. Nature&Humanity education: music,art,nature etc., guide children to engage in the world around them, they will initially learn the geometrical shape and color and develop curiosity and keenness for investigation.
    Thinkertoy with products in three levels.(beginner, intermediate to advanced.) From simple modules, complex even dynamic structure to create hand powered devices and machines with gears, bearings, pulleys and belts. Through the three level programs all the ability in Nature & Humanity education can be developed.

    Now let’s turn to the second educational concept: Multiple intelligence.
    Multiple intelligence including: language, music, mathematics, visual, body movement, introspection, interpersonal relationship, nature observation. 
    Thinkertoy benefits child developing still as follows: Gross and fine motor, language, cognitive & intellectual, problem solving, mathematical, social emotional, all these skills are belong to the multiple intelligence. 

    Thirdly, let’s take a look about Reggio Emillia Approach.
    Reggio Emilia Approach educational system pays special attention to design&arrangement of environment in school.
    Thinkertoy can be the arrangement resources, as we have the middle size building set which can be the decoration in the classroom or amusement park in outdoor, such as robot, skyscraper, camps and so on.

    Fourthly, Let’s see the Waldorf
    Waldorf: Child learns by imitation.
    Thinkertoy is a construction set which children can make out real form by various accessories. For example, we have a program to make “my house”, so floor plan of a house and picture of a house be prepared. Then child could make the house by Thinkertoy. It is a learning by imitation.

    At last, let’s turn to EYFS.
    Game is the main teaching way of UK preschool education.
    As the Lev Vygotsky said: Child initially acquires necessary motivation, skill and attitude when engaged in social life.
    Once kids in kindergarten, they play with Thinkertoy together. It’s is a game which even cultivates team building spirit by complex construction set.

    Now we have gone through the main education concepts and know how Thinkertoy be embodied in the key point more or less of each education concept.

    In all, do you have the positive idea that Thinkertoy can be your new business program. If you import Thinkertoy, the value is not only for business but also for contributing to preschool education in your country.

    Thank you again for your attention. Please feel free to contact with us for more details.

    Best regards : )



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