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Thinkertoy CCTV "cartoon city" theme park

CCTV famous children's program "top buzz" and "cartoon city" believes everyone not unfamiliar, many people have hit and grow up along with these programs.October 1st of this year, CCTV cartoon city for the first time in wen ling, a large animation festival kicked off.

CCTV "cartoon city" will officially land possessing convention and exhibition center on October 1.This activity is jointly organized by CCTV and possessing daily units, at the appointed time, the CCTV giant "cartoon city" will appear in taizhou and meet the children.Provide children with a variety of entertainment.CCTV famous host the beetle sister also will appear here.

It is understood that activity continued until October 7th.At that time, parents can bring children approached "top buzz", "cartoon city", immersive experience colorful cartoon world, arouse the memory of childhood.

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