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Taiyuan Millennium Kindergarten Thinkertoy science building demonstration

Taiyuan knick-knacks millennium kindergarten is a private kindergarten, has nearly 200 preschoolers, welcome you to the fitness education for the purpose, set of fitness, key heart, health wise, strong and handsome, create the environment of happiness, let the children in the "music school" "music" in the "joy of life", in an atmosphere of joy to promote children's physical and mental health development.

"Based on children's physical and mental development" is the core content of this education idea;Respecting children, believe young children, promote children's subjectivity study, let each child get rich individual character development in the original level.Gen art education environment education montessori education and the style of the foreign language education, on the course design of bold innovation, aiming at the international advanced level, truly realize the birth to become the cradle of happy production, create the miracle of the heavens and the earth.

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