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Zunhua Dadi Kindergarten with advanced education concept pioneered a new chapter of early childhood education

Zunhua Dadi Kindergarten, is located in hebei province zunhua north of north east road, 50 meters away from second ring road (longhua courtyard inside the village), is ZunHua municipal party committee and municipal government, in order to solve the difficulty in children, and approved the construction of a popular project. 

Leading and operating conditions

Kindergarten, by Beijing architectural design institute according to the design and construction of national kindergarten construction standard, achieve national construction standards.Kindergarten covers an area of 4.9 mu, building area of 3355 square meters, the playground is an area of 3000 square meters, the main building for a three-story building, with 25 classrooms, 2 rooms, two studio, multi-function hall, can accept up to 1000 children in the garden, is a beautiful layout, reasonable structure, fully equipped modern kindergarten. 

In the kindergarten classroom, activity room, dance studio, multi-function hall, the infirmary, dormitories and other supporting facilities.Classroom, activity room, corridor, stair of the ground laid of antiskid, knock against the south Korean imports of indoor environmental protection plastic floor;Laying artificial turf, with children play on the playground, bunkers, large pool toys, etc.;Campus installed broadcast system, network system.102 cameras installed (complete coverage of television monitoring);Classes are equipped with electric piano, children's toys, floor heating, air conditioning, cloakroom, bathroom, toilet, water equipment and disinfection facilities, etc., and operating conditions reached leading level of similar kindergarten. 

Advanced the concept of kindergarten

Kindergarten adhering to the "for the world heart, to the o life, for wan shikai, is peaceful" sense of responsibility and mission, trying to get into the garden every child to develop into "a health, sunshine, happy people; a terribly and, caring, honest, brave bear person; a person who is good for the people!".Insist on three "ensure" : first, to ensure that every child in the park to teacher's love.All the early childhood teachers would like parents to care for each child, let the children happy and healthy growth of body and mind, have the feeling of home inns in the park.Second, make sure the kindergarten education and family education and social education of the organic link, common for children to create a good growth environment, help them to spend the happy and meaningful childhood.Third, make sure that the children playing in the middle school, learn in joy, joy long ".Make full use of the space of garden shed, per shift to create the field of regional activities, provide necessary toys for your child, let the child in happy do play began, brain, innovation and creativity and promote the harmonious development and improve various abilities. 

Rich and colorful curriculum

According to the laws of the growth of children, cognitive and national "kindergarten education guidelines", combined with the actual, set up three aspects of course.One is the "five areas" courses.I.e., health, science, society, language (including English) children, art courses;2 it is rooted in Chinese traditional culture, traditional sinology, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, song, dance and so on;Three is actively absorbing advanced international recognition and conforms to China's national conditions of the characteristics of the concept of early childhood education courses.The Italian montessori education idea, the United States Gardner "the theory of multiple intelligences", the German orff music education idea, and the Japanese seven field really "right-brain potential development education" into the kindergarten curriculum system, such as penetration into a child one day life and education. 

Welcome parents to park consultation!

Contact phone number: 0315-6673333 15131502285

Address: north east road, longhua courtyard community hospital)

Zunhua Dadi Kindergarten will be first-class teachers, first-class education concept, education facilities, first-class education management, zunhua to create a first-class of early childhood education.Let the children happy life, healthy growth in the park, to the lifelong development of children and happiness to lay a solid foundation!

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