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Wanzhou District Telegraph Road Kindergarten

Chongqing Wanzhou District Telegraph Road Kindergarten was founded in 1954, covers an area of 1450 square meters, construction area of 2559.4 square meters, green area of 460 square meters.As chongqing garden, demonstration garden, my garden is chongqing's first marriage with foreign language college of foreign language experimental kindergarten, the central training section "intelligent quality education experimental base garden".Campus beautiful environment, four spring-like, place oneself among them, like into the kingdom of fairy tales. 

Due to the changes of three gorges migration and urban landscape, the telegraph road kindergarten is facing the crisis of survival, reform of the electricity in young people, according to the spirit of the party's 15 big and comrade deng xiaoping put forward "three benefits" standard, ranging from without, carry forward the "self-reliance, independence, weight struggle" electric young spirit, survival crisis for development opportunity, self-raised funds through various channels, and more than 700 ten thousand yuan, built in guanyin rock covers an area of 13.75 mu, building area of 5576 square meters, green area of 46%, with 12 kindergarten class scale.This is internally, a beautiful environment, complete supporting facilities of nursery garden, a first-class modern kindergarten, wanzhou district and chongqing with full of rich ethnic customs, the small square "culture", "banyan cabin", "waterfall cave days", "the east African rift valley", "huaguo mountain"...Each class are from the locker room, activity room, a nap room, bathroom and independent of outdoor activities.Every day 5 bus timing personal transfers, security, meticulous, parents children, convenient service!At the same time also has the characteristic of boarding services, with our love for you to rest assured!

Over the past few years in our kindergarten created five first, i.e., the first director shall assume overall responsibility for, the first implementation of quantitative management, first a dominated system, the first newspaper of kindergarten, first marriage, with the college set up a foreign language experimental kindergarten.At present, the college students in the teachers college students and reading I park is 100% of the proportion of the teachers, undergraduate students is 60%;Have 2 chongqing youth backbone teachers, subject leaders, wanzhou district four young backbone teachers, coldness six young backbone teachers, kindergarten 15 young backbone teachers;23 m is evaluated, throughout the country. The advanced individual of the municipal, district and virtue pacesetter, outstanding party members, such as title, among them, the national outstanding teacher 1, grade 1 teachers in chongqing.In recent five years, I park staff to write thesis, experience, activity design has more than 200 articles in the province, city, district award;Article 35 in publications of all types and at all levels, there are 21 people at the provincial, city, district of skills competition, competition awards.I park has set up a "highly educated, high level and high quality teachers' team, was praised as" the melting pot of the teachers' youth become the cradle of ".

My garden will be the latest concept of kindergarten: both entrepreneurial thinking to do education, kindergarten careful management, to create their own brand of education, will be "no end to the development of the career, only a comma, there is no best, only better, no best, only the first" as our eternal pursuit.Set up the advanced concept of kindergarten: education as a fundamental to quality, which are characterized by bilingual education and art education.Pay attention to children's oral English and I heard the training to foster children's bold use English ability to communicate with people, germination of second language strong interest;Open instrument (violin, piano, dulcimer, guzheng, pipa, erhu, flute), art (ink painting, gouache, engravings, calligraphy, pottery), dance, physical training, artistic gymnastics talent such as teaching, promote the quality education of diversity.Can provide development opportunities to all children, every child can experience the joy of success, encourage children's body, intelligence, Germany, an all-round and harmonious development.

Due to my garden, achievement is outstanding, the work in recent years, the continuous was named national excellent demonstration parent school, first class kindergarten, demonstration garden in chongqing, the chongqing municipal patriotic health advanced units, "38" red flag unit in chongqing, chongqing key subject "kindergarten teaching management reform and development facing the 21st century" outstanding laboratories, English subjects in chongqing in the second session of the second prize of scientific research achievements, civilized unit, advanced health units, tutor work advanced collective, nursery work advanced collectives and advanced school of art, the archives work advanced collectives and advanced collective union, school management, advanced collective ", "advanced party branch, such as radio, television, and many times for my garden work has carried on the special report.

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