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Tianfu Kindergarten

Tianfu Kindergarten formerly called Wanxian Municipality Authorities Kindergarten, was established in April 1956, 1964 and Wanxian municipality authorities nursery merger renamed Wanxian municipality authorities nursery, in 1989 changed its name to city authorities kindergarten, belonging to the jurisdiction of the government office, in June 1999 was rated as chongqing secondary kindergarten, classified education management in August 2000, in February 2001 moved to new city Zhou Guba immigrants.New park is located in Zhou Guba star road 87, covers an area of 3335 square meters, construction area of 2930 square meters, a total of nine classes.In the process of migration, as a result of the fujian people's support, in 2001 changed its name to April at wanzhou district kindergarten.In June 2004 was rated as first-class garden and wanzhou district in chongqing demonstration garden, in December 2007 was rated as the demonstration garden of chongqing.At present, the kindergarten environment, facilities, strong teachers, teachers in various competitions for many times higher awards, kindergarten is evaluated many times the advanced group of early childhood education at all levels, the research demonstration base, civilization etiquette demonstration school, language work advanced collective and teacher education advanced collective title of honor.

The theme of our culture: Love culture

Our concept of kindergarten: Go with love

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