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Shanxi Provincial Authorities Kindergarten

Shanxi Provincial Authorities Kindergarten is established in 1994, for full-time kindergarten, mainly for 2-6 years old children with conservation education services.Existing small, medium and big 13 class and an early education center, registered more than 400 children. 

Provincial authorities kindergarten is the difference between institutions directly under the provincial party committee general office, 1 director, secretary, deputy director in the 2 people.Department has offices, wang, general affairs section, teaching and research section, etc. 

In the provincial party committee leaders at all levels and the provincial, city and district under the care and support of the department of education, I park the first in the procession of taiyuan five-star kindergarten, won the provincial demonstration garden, the provincial "grade A quantitative grading of food hygiene supervision management unit", was made civilized harmonious unit, province taiyuan, preschool education scientific research advanced collective, food hygiene model shop (canteen), etc.Teachers in nine people won the provincial, city wang expert, 8 people for taiyuan city high level backbone teachers, 2 people for province, city leader and so on the title.

My garden, the new leadership to "love, trust, equality and happiness" as the garden culture construction goal, to create a civilized harmonious garden as its carrier, concerned about the staff's physical and mental health, pay attention to the parents' education concept, take care of young children's interest in demand, trying to make workers and children in care, trust, equality, happy atmosphere of healthy growth.

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