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Yiwu Oujing International Kindergarten Thinkertoy Parent-child Activities


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Yiwu Oujing International Kindergarten is a scene "match well of Chinese and western, but different" is the education idea, set the essence of eastern and western two education system of the advanced teaching ideas and methods, to develop "personality self-confidence, strong physique, the interest is extensive, rich imagination and creativity, strong self-learning ability and exploration, happy and healthy children of good behavior habits and founded a high-end international kindergarten. Are parents and children education" luxury "of the market recognition. At the same time is applying for becoming the first in the east area is the world's best known by the international education organization (IBO) recognition of the IB PYP international kindergarten. On March 1, 2015, after 1 years of investigation and inspection, international baccalaureate organization (IBO) approved the European scene international kindergarten as the IBPYP preparatory school. The scene will officially IBPYP after about two years of efforts to become the international school.         

The Oujing international kindergarten is located in the beautiful scene in yiwu the landscape city.Indoor construction area of more than 8000 square meters, can accommodate 22 classes.Can accommodate 450-450 preschool children.Kindergarten program was established in 2008, in 2011 began to recruit students.As a result of our teaching concept, teaching methods, curriculum, teaching and teaching environment has been more and more parents recognition, at present, the European scene international kindergarten has full, with more than 100 children have been registered in the queue waiting for into the park.             

The Oujing international kindergarten uphold  "with international vision culture complete children" education goals, we established the institute of education in the UK: "the new concept of education research institute(NewConceptEducation) "with Britain, the United States famous university (university of Warwick, university of California, Berkeley), children education communication platform, to build the Chinese and foreign always maintain with the international synchronization, is committed to achievement" baby qingqing preschool education "of the three characteristics: self-confident, wisdom, internationalized vision, cultivate the internationalization of the most contemporary children.

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