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Fengxian Green Leaves Kindergarten

In June 2007, in the green space occurrence of new garden area, a new and beautiful kindergarten was born, she is kindergarten fengxian green leaves!Farm covers an area of 7500 square meters, green area accounts for 31.6% of the total area, a total investment of about 19 million yuan, has 12 class's and grade's scale.

Built by modern standard as a new kindergarten, kindergarten fengxian green leaves has perfect, advanced teaching and living facilities, a variety of games, function room facilities: the baby has a small society, mathematics activity room, scientific discovery room, children's books, etc.;Spacious and comfortable outdoor venues to meet the needs of the children's games, sport.

Fengxian Green Leaves Kindergarten atrium landscape garden, green grass shade, Bridges, and is a good place for teachers and students view of leisure;The kindergarten is full of cultural atmosphere, is a modern and fairy tale appeal as one of the children's paradise.Fengxian green kindergarten to use "love of wisdom, your heart and soul" is the concept of kindergarten;To develop "happy, loving, enjoy the wisdom, have confidence in a new era of children" as the training target.Since kindergarten, seize the second phase of Shanghai fengxian green leaves kindergarten curriculum reform opportunity, people-oriented, implement standard and orderly garden management, system management and deepening the kindergarten cultural construction;Vigorously promote curriculum research and practice at the same time, focus on strengthening teachers training and team building, quick growth has prompted a large number of young teachers, gradually created a rich innovation consciousness, more solid teaching skills of teachers.

Nearly three years of kindergarten, fengxian green leaves in a graceful garden kindergartens environment, advanced teaching facilities, excellent teachers' quality and the garden of humanistic management has won the recognition from all walks of life.

Fengxian Green Leaves Kindergarten actively with the aid of expert power, under the experts in research on teaching practice, such as inviting Xu Miao lang teacher to garden city super teachers guide, hired professor rhubarb on casing guiding research, middle school district preschool education research staff on a regular basis to listening to lectures, research, and so on.In leading and all the teachers in the expert's hard practice, kindergarten gradually clear the direction of the research: in the "situational teaching method" to practice status of mathematics activities research topic as the breakthrough point to study mathematics, which laid a foundation for the formation of the characteristics of kindergarten.Over the past three years, Fengxian Green Leaves Kindergarten high quality education resources, and actively develop community with more than 10 units to build units, organize rich and colorful children's social practice activity: pairing with Shen Jianjiang community health club, for the army of young children swimming lessons, young children gain skills, strong physique;Pairing and fengpu police station, police's uncle, please park for children, strengthening the police and traffic safety class to build;Fengxian Green Leaves Kindergarten and cross of young point pairs, and each year group of large infants "learn when a mountain" Gavin activities and so on...Through positive communication and good cooperation, for children's growth experience, widen our sight provided valuable conditions.

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