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Euphrates International Education Group

The Euphrates and the Tigris river is the birthplace of the two river valley culture, just like the Yellow River and the Yangtze river is the mother of the Chinese culture, take Kim essence fusion between Chinese and western culture.2001 development of Euphrates International Education Center to become Taiwan's first compound management education career. Euphrates International Education Group result in.

Euphrates International Education Group originator Guang-hui He teacher, in 1988 at the age of 21 at the society, and services company in Germany, and, in the form of ascetic a township is a town in Taiwan to handle assembly, to promote the creative blocks learning system, the villages and towns throughout Taiwan, from fewer than ten people a presentation, until a lecture audience of over one thousand people, there is no lack of among them more school principals, garden, director of the district, and preschool education together with friends to participate in...Because the focus, so remarkable achievements.

Founded in 1989, with potential development blocks curriculum as the main body of independent company, a German company that has obtained the original service, more "Lasy lego toys" the sole agency in Taiwan;More invitation German company LASY inventor Mr. PETER LARWS visiting Taiwan speech, hosting international lego design competition.Since 1989 the starting Taiwan twenty years of international preschool education management.Since 1989 in line with the international preschool education - creative teaching AIDS toys equipment, the benefit of millions of Chinese children.In the Associated Press reported for the first time in Taiwan, 1994 Lego become the first brand in the building.1999 co-founded 3 c + 3 q humanistic teaching system of science and technology.

Successful development of teaching building blocks in the greater Taipei area, 2004 completed 3000 young gave birth to the results of learning.2006 blocks of teaching more as Japan, South Korea, Germany, the United States, Canada and other advanced countries have learning objects.2010 Taiwan 3 c + 3 q blocks the successful experience of potential development teaching into China, early childhood education more ideal and economic efficiencies.2011 integrated 20 years experience in teaching building, successful launch in 3 q building blocks for the originality of architecture, mathematics, logic, language, art, story computer...Such as the eight teaching system.2012 in mainland of China, guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, shenyang, chengdu, yinchuan, malaya...International bilingual kindergarten garden coaching experience, introduce the Asian first IDEAR kindergarten whole factory output resources.

At the beginning of the New Year, Euphrates International Education Group not only put forward the kindergarten play training, professional design course of teaching AIDS, preschool education professional training teachers lecture, etc., and set up the national 15000 pathways: a. b. 1000, the department of international kindergarten early parent-child garden 2000, c. d. 3000, the department of English training school 4000 multiple intelligence training school, e. AIDS toy store in 5000.

Euphrates International Education Group in the country's 15000 access point, radiation throughout the country, to create more new e-commerce platform, will and the cause of preschool education rising star of the predecessors, the colleague, education years, create a new opportunity in the field of preschool education in the world the greater China.

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