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Dandelion Kindergarten

Dandelion kindergarten opened in 1997, is a civilized units, the level of a class of kindergarten in Shanghai, pudong new area in pudong new district demonstrative kindergarten, family education of Shanghai experimental base, the ministry of education science education project "learning by doing" experimental kindergarten education, creating education practice base in China, tao xingzhi art experimental base, the first batch of school-based research, area curriculum reform pilot school garden.

Since the opening, in line with "quality education as the core, by means of individualized education, the cultivation of physical and mental health, the comprehensive development of children complete" tenet of kindergarten, the implementation of small class education.As a opened three years of kindergarten, the scientific research development have been influenced by the leaders at all levels and preschool education specialist care and guidance, the implementation of wang work got parents fully support and cooperation, the quality of education effect obtained high praise from all walks of life.Dandelion kindergarten now for small, medium and large, a total of 6 class, big classes in the forehead to 20, small classes for 18, each class has two teacher and a nurse.Adequate education of teachers has greatly increased the frequency of interaction between teachers and students, make every child get equal, full of chance to receive education.

Garden regionalization classroom environment for their children the freedom to choose, independent operation provides a relaxed learning environment.Rich variety of toys, with computer, cooking, wood head, and other rooms, and configure the complete modern equipment such as computers, video recorder, VCD, provides children with exploration, exercise and the place of performance.On the first floor of the "sesame street", "on the second floor pedestrian street", "art street in dong hai" on the third floor provides the expression for the children with good environmental performance.

Outdoor plastic runway, as on the site of the lawn, play pool of fish and all kinds of large sports equipment for the child's body forging activities created a good space.In addition, kindergarten also specially configured for each class a piece of plant garden, closer to the nature, let the children understand the mysteries of nature.Advanced education concept, adequate education resources and education environment, the children are happy growth of the dandelion, dandelion kindergarten constantly to mature.

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