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China Benefits Kindergarten

China Benefits Kindergarten is Ms Soong Ching-ling in 1949 established a kindergarten.When Ms Soong Ching-ling and premier Zhou Enlai mutual benefits for China established "to the healthy growth of saplings" and "experimental and demonstration", become China benefits the kindergarten and the goal of policy.

Over the past 60 years, China benefits pre-school education receives Ms Soong Ching-ling "gives the most precious things to children" concept, actively explore, established the "let every child grow happily, let each child harmonious development" concept of kindergarten, around the "body healthy heart, self-care confidence, corretly, all-round development" of the early childhood education target, gradually formed and perfected in order to "learn to study, live, learn to be" as the breakthrough point of "survival" course.Under all the teachers' hard work, countless children healthy growth.

In 60 years in the course of kindergarten, kindergarten from WuYuan road to jinqiao development zone, to Cambridge, and in September 2009 in yangpu district, new jiangwan city new park, at present, the kindergarten has jiangwan and Cambridge two park, 40 class sizes, can accommodate more than 1000 children.Has experienced several relocation, expansion, kindergarten fruits, won the "demonstration kindergartens in Shanghai", "Shanghai civilized unit", "Shanghai 38 red flag collective", "new expedition team in Shanghai", "Shanghai preschool education advanced unit", "female Wen Minggang in Shanghai", "Shanghai peace unit" "Shanghai archives outstanding unit", "Shanghai financial accounting credit a-class unit" and so on the title

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