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Changzhou Authority Kindergarten

Liberation in 1949, changzhou, jiangsu area, set up to solve the military and political cadres trouble back at home, opened the first kindergarten in changzhou city -- "area in the south of jiangsu changzhou organ nursery, garden, the nature of the public kindergarten.60 s officially changed its name to "changzhou authority kindergarten", is now affiliated to the changzhou municipal authority affairs administration management, is an important window of organs logistics services.For 62 years, the party committees and governments at all levels and the social from all walks of life support, care, kindergarten always follow the "all for children, all first-class" the purpose of kindergarten, through the joint efforts of several generations, gradually formed its own characteristics and distinctive characteristics of the pattern of kindergarten.Become a "demonstration experimental kindergarten in jiangsu province", "modern education technology school in jiangsu province", "civilized unit in jiangsu province", "China's early education demonstration area and the one-child cultivation demonstration experimental base", won the reputation, creates the brand, was recorded in a kindergarten in jiangsu province, become the pioneer of preschool education industry.

Do ring machine for further high quality education resources, brand, kindergarten, with the advantages in the parks, to expand development space, down, open up early education, expand outward, garden starting points, and has developed rapidly, the scale of kindergarten of existing urban total garden, new garden two academic outposts, a total of 43 classes, more than 1440 infants, faculty and staff of 155 people.Teacher education of college degree or above, more than 100% bachelor degree was 77%, and the graduate student 2, and emerged a group of children education discipline leaders, changzhou changzhou youth backbone teachers and teaching experts, changzhou changzhou development talent and excellent teachers, provincial and municipal.Basic form a middle-aged and young teachers as the main body, good ethics, good business, mastering many skills while specializing in, complementary advantages, cohesion and combat effectiveness of teachers.

Preschool education reform, kindergarten insist on science and education XingYuan and brand development strategy, internationalization and localization, specialization and market development, actively explore the school-running model of multi-level, diversified, gradually formed the characteristic, diversification of kindergarten and childcare integration pattern, have 0 to 3 years old infants parent-child, half an hour class, day-care system mode, there are 3-6 full-time class pattern and the Chinese and foreign children, personalized service to meet the needs of different groups.The characteristics of kindergarten presents four window:

Inheritance health characteristics

Established since kindergarten adheres to the concept of "health first, foster healthy baby", scientific parenting, dietary nutrition, pay attention to exercise, popularity of the sports training and improve the combination.Children's gymnastics, roller skating and so on many provinces and cities won the first prize and excellent organization.In 2010, the kindergarten was rated as "the first sports project of changzhou kindergarten". 

Create a prose features

Since 2004, the kindergarten to the municipal, provincial, and communities in conducting "literature education", relying on the classic children's literature, children's language development, nourish the children's mind, shape healthy personality.For eight years, fruitful, teachers have developed large, medium and small each age the children literature textbook of literature education in the city's exchange;Many children in the provinces and cities "competition", "small host", "poetry recitation contest" won the first prize;The kindergarten for two consecutive years to undertake "changzhou happy baby classical poetry recitation contest";Kindergarten in 2006 identified as "changzhou characteristic course garden".

Set up high quality early education

In 2006, the kindergarten education view to move, creating development center, actively explore integration of nursery education 0-6 years old, built as a family, community, kindergartens for the integration of infants and young children early education service system, open parent-child education, a sense of amusement, baby touch, parents, community service projects, such as flow class lectureWrite the parent-child nappy curriculum 'book and parents guide series;Kindergarten by the national family planning evaluation for "China's early education and training base demonstration experiment one-child".

Creating first-class garden

In 2009, the kindergarten advantage brand expand outward, starting points - changzhou central garden kindergarten.Kindergarten covers an area of 8000 square meters, 18 class size, a beautiful environment, capacious, facilities complete, advanced, always park in good teachers to teach.Kindergarten insist inheritance and innovation, around the "fitness, healthy heart, brain and body building" educational target, the management, the small classes, in the light of the total body garden garden this course, such as swimming, skating, thinking, artistic characteristic projects, the introduction of new Oriental school children bubble English bilingual teaching.Since the morning, kindergarten students rich and social satisfaction.In 2010, has been rated as high-quality kindergarten in changzhou city, changzhou city, the first sports kindergarten, changzhou roller skating and swimming association member units.

Bearing glorious history of kindergarten, young people together, a new generation of machine for optimum prelude, do people's satisfaction in kindergarten, healthy comprehensive development of children's education, strive to compose a brilliant chapter.

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