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Zhejiang Beima Education & Technology Thinkertoyland Blocks

About Us

Zhejiang Beima Education and Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Beima Education & Technology Co.,Ltd is a company integrated with product, education, and research, and specialized in supplying physical sports, scientific construction and creativity education for preschool institutions. 


Beima Education has a team from international experts of preschool education, East China Normal University and Beijing Normal University and an international product development team, and uses the most scientific teaching methods and abundant material to build perfect Beima systems of teaching course development, teachers-training, teaching practice, teaching evaluation and digitized teaching to provide kindergartens urgently-needed, reliable and table teaching resources. 


Beima Education have 4 curriculum systems of "Children Physical Sports", "Thinkertoy Creativity Activity", "STEM Education" and "Thinkertoy Special Education".It provide children healthy, happy and intelligent growing environment with virtue, wisdom and physics. 


With Beima, Be a Better Kindergarten.

With Beima, Be a Better Teacher.

With Beima, To Motivate Children's Potentials.

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